Monday, 30 April 2012

DIY: Heart Shaped Lace Insert Pockets

Hey guys,

i decided to have a go at messing around with my old jeans and came up with the idea of heart shape lace inserts for the pockets, which in theory would be cute right?

So i took my boring old pocket and got to work, first by putting some card inside it to keep it firm and flat.
 Then i sketched a heart shape onto the fabric, with pencil but you can use pen.
 Just a rough design as it was really just for practise
 Then i cut out some lace to fit in the insert
 and placed it inside
 then i glued around the inner edges of the heart lightly and pressed firmly, before leaving to dry i removed paper to make sure it didn't stick.
 and i think they turned out quite cute.
the second pocket turned out a little better than the first but you know what they say practise makes perfect.

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