Monday, 30 April 2012

DIY: Heart Shaped Lace Insert Pockets

Hey guys,

i decided to have a go at messing around with my old jeans and came up with the idea of heart shape lace inserts for the pockets, which in theory would be cute right?

So i took my boring old pocket and got to work, first by putting some card inside it to keep it firm and flat.
 Then i sketched a heart shape onto the fabric, with pencil but you can use pen.
 Just a rough design as it was really just for practise
 Then i cut out some lace to fit in the insert
 and placed it inside
 then i glued around the inner edges of the heart lightly and pressed firmly, before leaving to dry i removed paper to make sure it didn't stick.
 and i think they turned out quite cute.
the second pocket turned out a little better than the first but you know what they say practise makes perfect.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Vintage Creams, Sparkles, Ruffles And Lace

Hey guys,

One of my current obsessions is pretty neutral dresses that come with ruffles or lace and made of chiffon or anything else that's adorable.

They come sleeveless

They come with roses

They flow with elegance

And whisper delicate vintage

They come bedazzled

And yet adhere to simplicity

They flirt with nudity

And are truly eye catching

Like I said - Obsessed!!!!


Sunday, 22 April 2012

DIY: How To Acid Wash Jeans

Hey guys

Ive been seeing a lot of acid wash coming into fashion this year, whether as a throwback 80s look or the grunge of the 90s whatever the reason its in this year and i love it!!!

But this look can come at a price and i wanted mine to be as cheap as possible so armed with jeans i bought for 50 pence and a bottle of bleach of which i would use about 20 pence worth i got to it.

I took my jeans and placed them flat out in my bathtub i decanted the bottle of bleach into an old clean spray bottle ( i didn't add water but you can if you want less lift) and sprayed my jeans working on some area more than other and using different techniques to get different looks like misting and spraying directly near the fabric. Then when reached desired shade i placed them in the washer and dryer and they are done!!!!
I think they turned out really nice and only cost me 70 pence. Less than a pound for acid wash jeans? i know its unbelievable . Its easy and cheap so if you have an old pair of jeans why not give it a go, just be careful as bleach is a chemical and can be dangerous it also will strip almost anything of its colour so wear something old so it wont be ruined!!!!!!!!! And be careful of your surroundings, fancy furnishings and pets should not be near by :)


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

DIY: Layered Vintage Style Lace Shorts

Hey guys,

Today i made these pretty white lace shorts from a scrap of fabric left over from a skirt i cut up. I'll post how the skirt turned out when i get to making it.

 The fabric alone look a bit like an under garment so i decided to add lace over it.
 This size was perfect to fit under the existing lace thrill.
 I just folded it back and pinned as close to the seam as possible then stitched and cut off any excess so when the lace folds down you can't see the stitches.

 Then following a pattern i cut out the pieces, i pinned the sides together leaving the crotch.
as this is sewn later, once folded both the crotch pieces meet and can be sewn.
Now fold over a hem big enough for your elastic creating a tunnel and stitch leaving an opening , you can decide here whether to tuck your lace in or cut it off i cut mine off to give a raw edge around the waist. Then thread through the elastic cut to size and stitch the elastic together. Then you want to enclose it and stitch along the hem you created.



Saturday, 14 April 2012

DIY: How To Sophisticated Peplum Dress

Hey Guys,

Just me doing some fashion DIY again :)

This time my old black dress that was too long and had a straight neckline that i wanted to make more modern and sophisticated.
This dress was not flattering in any way on me!

What i used

Sewing machine and cotton
Brown eyebrow Pencil
Two Buttons (Hand stitched on)

 Using the slit up the back of the dress as a guide i cut straight across.
 Pin a small hem on the bottom and stitch

Then cut the piece you cut off the dress in half and hem three edges leaving the top.

Then place the raw edge pieces of fabric right side facing down upwards towards neckline next to the zip on each side so when you fold the fabric back down it will give it a seamless finish.
When you do the front  pleat for a fuller look and leave the centre clear.

You can then add the buttons to keep the fabric from protruding out, i used black to blend in   .

If you don't want to change the neckline of your dress you can skip this bit....
With my neckline i wanted to change i to a square neck line so i traced around a small book that seemed the perfect size (and it was) with brown eyebrow pencil. Then i cut out the square, after removing i cut into the edges diagonally for a hem and folded inwards making sure no pencil was showing.
To finish the look i added two small darts either side as it was a little big on the chest for me.

And the finished product!!!!

Any questions feel free to ask ....


Rachel Bilson Style Spotlight

Hey guys, In the style spotlight this week I've gone for one of my favourite petite celebrities Rachel Bilson(5'2)
 She always manages to do chic and casual perfectly
 And always manages to stay feminine
I saw an advert for her new show Hart In Dixie and love the fashion

Zoe Hart ---- New Style inspiration for this summer :)