Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Round Up Round UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hey guys,

It is summer right? *looks out window* hard to tell its not been very nice weather for summer in fact Ive been rather cold. Maybe Britain decided to skip summer this year and go straight for autumn, what do you reckon?

no summer romance or sun kissed skin seems like and permanent umbrella in my hand and a coat wrapped over my shoulders, bit unfair really :( but i can console myself with little things like fashion its never to hot or too cold for fashion and who minds the rain when your wearing a stylish mac huh?

so here is my weekly round up of all things fashion that i love right now!!!

 Pastel skinny jeans

Net jumpers or whatever they call them, to be honest i have not got a clue ha ha

Vintage owl necklaces

 Lace tom toms
Hair chalking, love mixing colours

Glitter boots, how cute right?

and nude glitter lips for shiny ready to be kissed lips for summer

some of my favourites from this past week or so


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

DIY Tutorials!!!!

Hey guys Sorry about the absence in posting of late things have been extremely busy but I hope to get some new posts up soon. I have some great tutorials coming up, like how to stud a biker jacket, make a cropped biker jacket and skinny jeans. So stay tuned because I'll be posting how I Changed my old heels with lace and ribbon. Thanks for being patient me. XOXO

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How To Wear Aztec Fashion Trend

Hey guys,

A trend I've been noticing of late is Aztec print, from subtle fairisle representations to full on neon. So are you wondering how to wear this trend? is it something your interested in but not confident enough to try it?
Well here are some of my ideas on ways to wear Aztec

The Introvert

Classic Style Icon

Festival Chick

Out To Impress

four very different styles for whatever your fashion type might be .

All created with polyvore here is my polyvore if you want to check it out

Go Try IT!!!

I personally love this trend as i have always been a fan of such prints like fairisle, tribal etc and i think this is the perfect fashion statement for summer. Whether your lounging on the beach in a neon Aztec bikini or rocking it up in Aztec print shorts at a festival, embrace this trend you wont be disappointed.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

DIY: From Skirt To Dress

Hey guys,

I have a confession to make --- I'm a sucker for a bargain!!!

But who isn't right? So I found this skirt in primark for £1 only a £1 and I sometimes just buy things for the fabric which is why I initially bought this. It was a size 16 so I knew it wouldn't fit but I thought it would cost more to find fabric similar to it so I bought it with the hopes of changing it.

I tried it on and it was way too big and had a broken zip so I knew I would have to remove the zip.
So I tried it on as a dress just over my bust and I thought with a belt to cinch the waist it would make a great summer dress.

What I used
About 1 inch thick elastic
Sewing machine
Time :20 Minutes

First I removed the belt loops by unpicking the cotton, I did this with scissors but you should probably use an unpicker tool.

I then removed the zip , again unpick the cotton to not damage the fabric

Once the zip has been removed I then pin the fabric where the zip used to be and stitch.

If your skirt is like mine once you removed the zip you opened the "channel of the top hem.

Now I can thread my elastic through.

Once threaded pin the elastic together
Then flatten and stitch either side to make sure the elastic join lays flat.

Then stitch the fabric together, avoiding the elastic.
Finished, just add a cute belt to cinch your waist.

The plus about it being elasticated is you can still wear it as a skirt like so,


Thursday, 14 June 2012

OOTD: Stylish And Petite

 Hey guys,

Ive never done an outfit of the day post before so I'm not sure if you guys are interested but i thought id try doing a few. Let me know what you think.

Here is today's outfit
 I wore trousers from primark which cost £5 i took them up to my leg length by hemming them
The shirt is a thrift store find, it has lovely detail on the front, it is full sleeves but i rolled them up to three quarter.
The bag is a car boot find and only cost me 0.50p
The shoes I've had for a few years now i got them from primark too i think they were £6 on sale.

The sunglasses are from years back and i cant remember where i got them from but they only cost me about £1.00, because thats how much i would of spent haha

To think about it the entire outfit only cost me £11.00 not including the ring as it was a present

Bargain Petite Style


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

DIY - Layered Vintage Style Lace Skirt

Hey guys,

As you already know by now I'm obsessed with lace and i love lace shorts like these below, i was just after a skirt like this layered lace look.

Ive been seeing everywhere this season at about £30. I don't have that kind of money to spend on a skirt so i decided to make my own.

Here's what i used

Three different types lace in three different but complementary colours
a sewing machine
taupe Jersey fabric

Total cost £7.75

 Start by cutting your fabric into 2 squares measuring your waist and length allowing for ahem.

 Put the pieces together and pin, try it on and make sure its form fitting now is the the time to make adjustments to the shape so i made the waist smaller. i then stitch a hem at the bottom.
I took my lace pieces and measure them to length leaving about 3inches for the the top hem open. I then stitched each piece on .
 After doing both pieces of fabric i pinned each side and  joined them together. I then folded over the hem and stitched all around allow an opening for the elastic avoiding the lace.
 Then i threaded through the elastic.
 And stitched with a zigzag stitch for strength and stitch each side of the elastic so it would lie flat.



Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings

These are a few of my favourite things.

Hey guys, just another round up of my latest findings in the world wide webasphere!!!

As you can see I still have an obsession with lace

Cute Dresses

Gorgeous shirt i want in my wardrobe this instance

Glamorous yet practical, No?

How cute are these shoes????
I saw these boots in a local shoe shop called garage for around £30.00 and i love them, i have no idea what id wear them with but id find something :)

Beach Ready Waves, is it summer yet?????


Sunday, 3 June 2012

DIY: Cute Bikini Top

Hey guys,

Summer is almost here, well as much of a summer as britain gets. So it will soon be time to start getting your bikinis out from storage, right? ha ha.

I like wearing bikini tops instead of bras most days, not only is it more comfortable but most of the time bikini tops are worn to be seen so with a sheer top over I find it perfect for hot days.

What I used
A bikini top as a pattern
Sewing machine

First I measured my old bikini top against my fabric and allowing for a hem cut out two identical pieces of fabric.

Then I cut out about a 2 inch waist band.

I then cut out four times the widths of my current bikini strap and cut in half.

 Then i folded both sides into the centre and stitched
 Both straps done

Then i attached the cups on the inner edge of the cups and hem the outer edge of the cup and stitch.

I Then placed the cups onto the waistband with rights sides facing like so

Then i folded the waist band over tucking in the edge for seamless finish and sew.
 Make a small dart above each cup where the strap meets to straighten the strap, this will gape otherwise.

Cut off any excess cotton and done!!!!

I reckon I just saved myself £14 :)