Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Round Up Round UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hey guys,

It is summer right? *looks out window* hard to tell its not been very nice weather for summer in fact Ive been rather cold. Maybe Britain decided to skip summer this year and go straight for autumn, what do you reckon?

no summer romance or sun kissed skin seems like and permanent umbrella in my hand and a coat wrapped over my shoulders, bit unfair really :( but i can console myself with little things like fashion its never to hot or too cold for fashion and who minds the rain when your wearing a stylish mac huh?

so here is my weekly round up of all things fashion that i love right now!!!

 Pastel skinny jeans

Net jumpers or whatever they call them, to be honest i have not got a clue ha ha

Vintage owl necklaces

 Lace tom toms
Hair chalking, love mixing colours

Glitter boots, how cute right?

and nude glitter lips for shiny ready to be kissed lips for summer

some of my favourites from this past week or so


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

DIY Tutorials!!!!

Hey guys Sorry about the absence in posting of late things have been extremely busy but I hope to get some new posts up soon. I have some great tutorials coming up, like how to stud a biker jacket, make a cropped biker jacket and skinny jeans. So stay tuned because I'll be posting how I Changed my old heels with lace and ribbon. Thanks for being patient me. XOXO