Monday, 28 May 2012

Get That Look- Ashley Tisdale

Hey guys, It feels like forever since I've done a get that look post but here is a new one for you. Ashley Tisdale (5'3) looking gorgeous in this great look for summer.
Just roll them up to get Ashley's look for a cool $78 metroparkusa
This inspired blouse is the perfect alternative for a nice £14.99 from New Look Shoes inspired by Ashley's
At £98 it might be worth shopping round but these look gorgeous. Bloomingdales
Not too shabby at $29 from Brittdesign Enjoy an early summer guys, while it lasts ;) XOXO

Thursday, 24 May 2012

DIY - All Star Studded Converse

Hey guys,
Just another one of my DIY posts for you.

I've been seeing a lot of studded converse recently and I really love the look, just not the price tag.

 Cool, right?

So armed with my ten year old converse boots(which are in great condition still, if not a little faded)

and some copper stars studs I got off EBay I made some lovely star studded converse for about a £1, can you say bargain?

The studs are four pronged push ins like pins then you close them flat to the fabric, make sure they're flat because it will rub against your ankle if you have any raised. You want to figure out how your going to put them on, whether in a pattern or design or following the curve of the shoe.

I went for simply covering the outer edge and leaving the inner black with its all star logo which I love. I also left out the heel because it's rubber.

When they're finished you will get a whole new lease of life our of them. I just love mine , stylish yet alternative.
And Perfect for Summer ;)



Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nicole Richie Bohemian Inspired Jewelry

Hey guys,

A style i've loved for a really long time is Bohemian, and who better to represent this style than the boho chic petite prettiness of Nicole Richie (5'1)


A head piece
£16.88 from PLUMEUPHORIA on Etsy

£27.27 from  FineAndFunkyJewelry on Etsy

or if you have a bit extra money then
House of harlow 1960 has a great range of stacking bracelets like these but the price is a bit more, averaging  at about £80.00 a piece

Stacking rings is a must and these cuties are from notonthehighstreet
Key pieces make a great outfit and when it comes to boho the more personal the better.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pretty In Pink

Hey guys just a quick post about the colour PINK Which i think is going to be perfect for this summer

Lindsey Wixson in Perfect Pink makeup for summer,a very wearable look.
A nude Pink Lipstick, i love wearing nude pink lip colour all the time .

Natalie Portman (5'3) in a dior pale pink guipure dress, a perfect look on her.
Cheryl Cole (5'3) in a long Dusky Pink Formal gown.
I'm loving this body con lace pink dress
A hint of pink with the rocking studded pink ankle boots
I adore this pink skirt i found on pinterest from
Light Pink Streaks = <3
 Pink Nails are a  Must Have!!!!

Enjoy a very pink summer


Sunday, 13 May 2012

DIY: Red White And Blue American Flag Shorts

Hey guys, its been a bit hectic this week so sorry for the absence but I'm happy to say Ive got a new camera yay! So i will be doing video tutorials on some of the things i make and this will be my first video.

The video will be posted in the next day or so on my new youtube channel which ill make sure to let you guys know by posting the link on here.

This is the picture tutorial step by step

What i used

Old white jeans
Permanent Markers
Star Stencil

First i cut my jeans into shorts, i cut them at an angle and folded them in half to make sure they were even.

Then using a star stencil i marked out my stars
Then went over with a small blue marker pen.
Once done i started to colour around all the stars
Then i marked out the red stripes with tape and coloured them in.

Iron on hot heat  to fix the ink And Done!!!

To make sure the ink stayed in i washed them in a normal machine on a 40c wash and although they faded a little i think i prefer them :)

My only regret is using two different permanent markers as one of the blues didn't fade like the other so in hindsight i would use only one. Oh well Learn as i go :)


Monday, 7 May 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!!!

Hey guys,

Ive been doing a lot of searching on line lately collecting images of things i want to make or gain inspiration from and thought i would put together a quick post on some of my findings.

How cool are these shoes i found on pinterest? if i can find the right shoes i really want to have a go a creating something similar.

 Henna Tattoos
 Cute nude mini skirts
 Boots with sheer black tights.
White Blazer

 Lace Dresses
 Lace heels
 Aztec shorts
 Crystals and gemstones
 Braided hair
Peace signs and bracelets


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Colour Me Skinny!!!!!

Hey guys,

One thing I'm noticing a lot of this year is coloured skinny jeans. Would you wear? Being petite some people tend to stay a way from colour(hands up, yep me) but shouldn't it be the opposite? being small you can get away with daring fashion and wear really bright colours to stand out from the crowd and not look garish so why not embrace it?




ASOS have a really great collection of petite skinny jeans in a vast amount of colours like these yellow and also blue,pink,orange and also white all at 30 -32 each

DOROTHY PERKINS another great retailer for petite clothing and a bit of a better price than Asos at 25.00 are these beautiful duck egg blue skinny's.They also have coral and stone.

Gorgeous mint green skinnys at Littlewoods for 36.00
Very are quite cheap and have them in Pink, lilac, yellow, blue and more!
At bit more expensive is Macy's skinny Jeans at about $80.00 which come in hot pink, red and green

Miss Selfridge are only 20.00 for the yellow Jeans and more, some even cheaper.

Image sources- college fashion,asos,mystyle,google,dorothyperkins.