Saturday, 5 May 2012

Colour Me Skinny!!!!!

Hey guys,

One thing I'm noticing a lot of this year is coloured skinny jeans. Would you wear? Being petite some people tend to stay a way from colour(hands up, yep me) but shouldn't it be the opposite? being small you can get away with daring fashion and wear really bright colours to stand out from the crowd and not look garish so why not embrace it?




ASOS have a really great collection of petite skinny jeans in a vast amount of colours like these yellow and also blue,pink,orange and also white all at 30 -32 each

DOROTHY PERKINS another great retailer for petite clothing and a bit of a better price than Asos at 25.00 are these beautiful duck egg blue skinny's.They also have coral and stone.

Gorgeous mint green skinnys at Littlewoods for 36.00
Very are quite cheap and have them in Pink, lilac, yellow, blue and more!
At bit more expensive is Macy's skinny Jeans at about $80.00 which come in hot pink, red and green

Miss Selfridge are only 20.00 for the yellow Jeans and more, some even cheaper.

Image sources- college fashion,asos,mystyle,google,dorothyperkins.

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