Tuesday, 1 May 2012

DIY: Fringe Logo Tank Top

Hey guys,

while i was doing some searching online for aztec print fabric i came across this picture
and although i love the skirt i like the tank also and i thought i would have a go at making one.
 what i used
plain black t shirt
dark t shirt transfer paper

I can never bring myself to cut into my big band t shirts so i just used an old black t shirt for this creation.
First i cut off the neck,bottom and sleeves.
(sorry it looks a bit bitty)
Then i printed out my transfer which was a guns n roses logo and cut it from the rest of the paper and placed on my t shirt to check it looked OK.

following the instructions of the transfer paper(not all are the same so make you sure you read how to) i used my iron and pressed firmly once a minute or so has passed of ironing it on i removed the paper
 Then using a book as a guide i cut small strips starting at the seam of either side.
Once i cut the strips i pulled gently on them and rolled them slightly

I also cut up higher at the front and lower at the back for added comfort.
And DONE!!!!!!

Simple yet effective.


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