Wednesday, 13 June 2012

DIY - Layered Vintage Style Lace Skirt

Hey guys,

As you already know by now I'm obsessed with lace and i love lace shorts like these below, i was just after a skirt like this layered lace look.

Ive been seeing everywhere this season at about £30. I don't have that kind of money to spend on a skirt so i decided to make my own.

Here's what i used

Three different types lace in three different but complementary colours
a sewing machine
taupe Jersey fabric

Total cost £7.75

 Start by cutting your fabric into 2 squares measuring your waist and length allowing for ahem.

 Put the pieces together and pin, try it on and make sure its form fitting now is the the time to make adjustments to the shape so i made the waist smaller. i then stitch a hem at the bottom.
I took my lace pieces and measure them to length leaving about 3inches for the the top hem open. I then stitched each piece on .
 After doing both pieces of fabric i pinned each side and  joined them together. I then folded over the hem and stitched all around allow an opening for the elastic avoiding the lace.
 Then i threaded through the elastic.
 And stitched with a zigzag stitch for strength and stitch each side of the elastic so it would lie flat.



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