Wednesday, 20 June 2012

DIY: From Skirt To Dress

Hey guys,

I have a confession to make --- I'm a sucker for a bargain!!!

But who isn't right? So I found this skirt in primark for £1 only a £1 and I sometimes just buy things for the fabric which is why I initially bought this. It was a size 16 so I knew it wouldn't fit but I thought it would cost more to find fabric similar to it so I bought it with the hopes of changing it.

I tried it on and it was way too big and had a broken zip so I knew I would have to remove the zip.
So I tried it on as a dress just over my bust and I thought with a belt to cinch the waist it would make a great summer dress.

What I used
About 1 inch thick elastic
Sewing machine
Time :20 Minutes

First I removed the belt loops by unpicking the cotton, I did this with scissors but you should probably use an unpicker tool.

I then removed the zip , again unpick the cotton to not damage the fabric

Once the zip has been removed I then pin the fabric where the zip used to be and stitch.

If your skirt is like mine once you removed the zip you opened the "channel of the top hem.

Now I can thread my elastic through.

Once threaded pin the elastic together
Then flatten and stitch either side to make sure the elastic join lays flat.

Then stitch the fabric together, avoiding the elastic.
Finished, just add a cute belt to cinch your waist.

The plus about it being elasticated is you can still wear it as a skirt like so,


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