Sunday, 3 June 2012

DIY: Cute Bikini Top

Hey guys,

Summer is almost here, well as much of a summer as britain gets. So it will soon be time to start getting your bikinis out from storage, right? ha ha.

I like wearing bikini tops instead of bras most days, not only is it more comfortable but most of the time bikini tops are worn to be seen so with a sheer top over I find it perfect for hot days.

What I used
A bikini top as a pattern
Sewing machine

First I measured my old bikini top against my fabric and allowing for a hem cut out two identical pieces of fabric.

Then I cut out about a 2 inch waist band.

I then cut out four times the widths of my current bikini strap and cut in half.

 Then i folded both sides into the centre and stitched
 Both straps done

Then i attached the cups on the inner edge of the cups and hem the outer edge of the cup and stitch.

I Then placed the cups onto the waistband with rights sides facing like so

Then i folded the waist band over tucking in the edge for seamless finish and sew.
 Make a small dart above each cup where the strap meets to straighten the strap, this will gape otherwise.

Cut off any excess cotton and done!!!!

I reckon I just saved myself £14 :)


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