Thursday, 5 April 2012

How To Add Lace Trim To Denim Shorts

Hey guys,

this past week i did my bargain hunting at my local car boot, its a nice walk on a cool Sunday morning(and it was cool). While there i came across some denim short shorts at only 50p so i snatched them up but upon trying them on i felt they were a little too short for me.

So unlike my previous post where i added lace inserts this time i decided to create a little length using lace.

What you'll need

A sewing machine and cotton
Denim shorts
Lace ribbon

Step 1

Take your lace ribbon and starting at the crotch seam begin pinning the lace on to the bottom of the shorts, i did this just above the original hem as it would be too difficult to sew through the thick denim hem. Continue all the way around.

Once done cut the lace to size allowing about a half inch overlap.

Step 2.

Once you have pinned both sides, begin to sew starting at your first pin. Once you have gone all the way around sew up the lace join.

Step 3.
Trim of excess cotton and make sure the lace at the join is trimmed to make it appear invisible.

And your DONE!!!!!

Now i just need some hot summer days to enjoy them, but this is England were talking about ;)


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