Sunday, 22 April 2012

DIY: How To Acid Wash Jeans

Hey guys

Ive been seeing a lot of acid wash coming into fashion this year, whether as a throwback 80s look or the grunge of the 90s whatever the reason its in this year and i love it!!!

But this look can come at a price and i wanted mine to be as cheap as possible so armed with jeans i bought for 50 pence and a bottle of bleach of which i would use about 20 pence worth i got to it.

I took my jeans and placed them flat out in my bathtub i decanted the bottle of bleach into an old clean spray bottle ( i didn't add water but you can if you want less lift) and sprayed my jeans working on some area more than other and using different techniques to get different looks like misting and spraying directly near the fabric. Then when reached desired shade i placed them in the washer and dryer and they are done!!!!
I think they turned out really nice and only cost me 70 pence. Less than a pound for acid wash jeans? i know its unbelievable . Its easy and cheap so if you have an old pair of jeans why not give it a go, just be careful as bleach is a chemical and can be dangerous it also will strip almost anything of its colour so wear something old so it wont be ruined!!!!!!!!! And be careful of your surroundings, fancy furnishings and pets should not be near by :)



  1. That was really useful and I will deffo try it! I have stopped wearing blue jeans but if they're acid wash I will deffo wear them again!! X

  2. Working on this!!!!!!!!!Very useful

  3. These before and after pictures are cracking me up because if those are really the same pair of jeans on the same person, that's quite amazing. You look like you've lost 20 pounds! Apparently the acid-wash look is very slimming. I may have to try it out myself! :)

  4. M+H.... well I dunno why you've got to be so derisive, but to me the before shots just seem to be taken from a higher angle, giving the illusion of shorter legs and a bigger... ass (though someone's obviously a bigger ass)