Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lace Lace And More Lace

Hey guys,

I love lace and I think it's a spring summer must have.
Here are some examples.....

A touch of lace on denim jean shorts.

Lace insert on ripped denim jeans.

Cream lace summer dress.

And gorgeous lace heels.

So if you looking for a stylish, sophisticated and a feminine way to spice up your outfits this summer, just add a little lace.



  1. where can i get the cream lace heels?

  2. Where do I get the HEELS!??!?!?!?

  3. Hi, I've tried looking for these everywhere to no avail. I found a few variations on eBay and a few other fashion sites that range from £300 to £15 but not the exact ones. I only found this picture ages ago on google. I do like them too so if I find them I'll be sure to let everyone know. xoxo

  4. After what feels like an age of looking for these, this is the best I've found... Even any similar shoes or variations would be such greatly appreciated... I'll keep looking though!