Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Change Up - From Bandeau Top To Cute Nautical Summer Dress

Hey guys,

Today as I was looking through my bag unwanted things I found this

A long striped bandeau top that to be quite honest doesn't do much for me and pulling a top up every minute isn't ideal for me. So because I like the top I decided to reuse it by transforming it to a dress.

Something similar to this nautical dress

Here it is....,

All I did was place it on top of a stretchy white vest ,how easy?
You can stitch it together if you want , I didn't so I can still use the vest separately.

Here I have three looks, one with a white cardigan and white pumps another with a striped navy and white cardigan with white pumps and third the white cardigan from the first picture tied up.

And I've got a cute summer look without spending a penny.


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