Saturday, 24 March 2012

DIY - How To Add Lace To Denim Shorts

Hey guys,

Inspired by these....

I found out my old pair of Three quarter cropped trousers/pants and set out to turn them into shorts with lace detail.

What you will need
An old pair of jeans/shorts
A sewing machine or just a needle and thread will do

(Optional)for pockets
Fabric glue

The Process

First I cut the length

then i folded them with seam facing up

i then used a pencil to mark out an upside down v shape and cut the shape from each side of the shorts allowing about an inch either side of the seam at the hem.

Then using the cut out fabric from the shorts as a guide i cut out a piece of lace from an old net.

I then placed the lace on the inside of the cut out v.

I had the option to have the point in the middle or to one side i chose one side.
I pinned the fabric in place to secure.

and then stitched the lace on the inside of jeans using blue cotton.


being careful not to cut the cotton i cut off the excess lace and turned them the right side again.

This part is optional but I wanted lace also on a back pocket so put a piece of lace on the pocket and marked with a pencil the shape to cut out. Once cut i glued it on using fabric glue and a paint brush. You can stitch if you prefer not to use glue but i found it far easier.

To remind you


With time and a few washes the bottom will fray more and they will look more vintage.
Any questions please dont hesitate to ask, this was very simple to do and really inexpensive. If you've got an old pair of jeans or shorts why not try it right?



  1. if you wash the shorts, will the fabric glue on the pockets hold the lace there? is it waterproof glue? if so, what brand?

  2. Nice shorts with lace detail.Shorts are my favorite outfit for summer. I like your shorts. Thanks for sharing the post!!
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