Saturday, 15 February 2014


Hey guys, just some quick ideas for some studded project i really want to try my hand at, you've already seen my studded converse tutorial which i think went really well so i want to give myself a challenge for this spring/summer and go for a nice studded rocker look.

I love studded bras they just look so cute but edgy and great for summer when they're worn to be seen girls :P

 This jacket is just so gorgeous yet can be created so easily - definitely worth turning an old jacket into something new and in style
 I do love this effect, im not sure i would choose this pattern, maybe i would do a cross or a heart maybe?
I love the simplicity of this

 An this just reminds me of this image i saw in a fashion magazine called fashion institute and i thought yes i definitely have to make this, i would love to do it with large spikes like below
So pretty!!!!!!


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