Saturday, 14 January 2012

Get That Look - Mila Kunis Inspired!!!!!!

Hey guys,

Here is a nice simple casual look from the always Beautiful Mila Kunis(5'3) who i adore its just a shame we dont get to see some of her normal day style more often, although her glamourous looks are envy worthy :)

Top (inspired)

I thought i would give you an option that is a bit different from Mila's but makes a great alternative, although there are lots of striped sweater/tops that you can play about with as this look is so simple to recreate.
And this sweater is fantastic value at only £7.99 from Forever 21


Petite black skinny jeans £30.00 from Asos


Cheap at only £10.99 from Shoes u Wear

How's that? an entire outfit for only £48.98 :)


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