Thursday, 29 December 2011

Fashion Spotlight - Petite Celebrities

Hi everyone!

I've got two celebs today for you , both of which I think have a great style that can be classy and also edgy.

First up is Shenae Grimes (5'3) i find her fashion sense both sweet and quirky.
Here are some of my favourites of shenae out and about.
I love this outfit on her the colours are simple and neutral but the shoes belt and studs are just a touch rock n roll.
I love tucking my t shirt into my skirt to make it look like a dress and I think this look is fun yet casual.
I think skinny jeans a great when you are a petite woman plus a quick change of shoes can take you from day to night if you don't have much time. Shenae here is the perfect mix of grunge (skinnys)rock(jacket) t shirt (casual) and glam(gold flats).Love it!

Ok onto our next celebrity - Rachel Bilson(5'1)
Another celeb I love for her casual yet sophisticated outfits.

Blazers can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit but make sure it's fitted perfectly.Not too long and not to baggy and tip watch out for long sleeves when in doubt go cropped, they look great.

I love this look here its the perfect balance of sophisticated and casual.

I think 98% of the pictures I've seen of Rachel out and about are of her wearing sunglasses, but I do love this blue jacket, but would of liked this outfit more if the pants were black but that's personal preference. This coat is a perfect example of what petite women should wear, it's the right length and the bold blue will bring focus to your top half If you tend to have shorter legs.

That's all for now

Images found on google and shanaes fan site.

OOTD post coming soon!


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